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A day in Arnhem

Bijgewerkt op: 30 aug. 2020

In the summer vacation of 2020 I traveled through the Netherlands in this blog I write about my day trip to Arnhem. Arnhem is a city in the east of the country near the border with Germany. The city has a historic center with modern additions, this is due to the battle of Arnhem during the second world war. As a result of this battle, part of the historic buildings have been rebuilt or renovated. Well-known examples of this are the Eusibeusis church and the town hall. The city itself is easily accessible by both train and car, from Utrecht it is a little over half an hour by train and just under an hour by car. The station is close to the center, just like the parking garages.

Park Sonsbeek

Park Sonsbeek, Zijpendaal used to be an estate and is now the city park of Arnhem. The park is within walking distance of the station (six minutes). In the park you can follow one of three walking routes, during your route you will pass hills, forests, ponds, fountains, art, a water mill and restaurants.

Arnhem centraal station

The station is nice to walk through to admire the special undulating design of the building.

St. Eusebius Church

The Eusibius Church is the largest Protestant church in Arnhem, the church was completely destroyed during the Second World War during the Battle of Arnhem. The church was restored after the war and now serves not only as a church but also as an exhibition about the battle of Arnhem. You will be taken to the different floors of the tower via a panorama lift. Each floor provides an explanation of the battle of Arnhem. There is also a glass balcony at a height of 73 meters, from here you can take beautiful pictures of the city (or yourself).

Tip: Reserve your ticket for the exhibition online.

Website: Click here

John Frost Brdige

After the exhibition in the tower of the St. Eusebius Church, you learned more about the importance of the John Frost Bridge. Among other things, that the bridge was part of Operation Market Garden in which the Allied wanted to use the bridge as a road to Germany.

Town Hall

Just like Arnhem station, the City Hall is nice to walk by to admire the special architecture. The former town hall was destroyed during the battle of Arnhem, just like the Eusebiuskerk. The only thing that is still standing from before the war is the Duivelshuis. In the 19th century this was temporarily the town hall of Arnhem, the Duivelshuis is now part of the Town Hall.

The fashion district

The Modekwartier is located in the Klarendal district in the district are a number of small local shops that focus on selling fashion and design. The shops are not all located in one street but are spread throughout the neighborhood.


The Feestaardvarken is a work of art by Florentijn Hofman, which was given as a gift to the city of Arnhem in 2013 on behalf of Burger’s Zoo. The aardvark is now mainly used by children as a playground equipment.

Where did we eat and drink?

Before we went out for dinner, we went for a drink at Café Meijers, a classic brown café in the Beekstraat. The café has various special beers and a cozy terrace. The service was also very friendly.

Website: Click here

For dinner we went to Caspar, Caspar is located along the railway in the Modekwartier. At this restaurant you can choose between meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. As with café Meijers, the service was very friendly and the food / drinks delicious. You can also enjoy a nice lunch or coffee during the day.

Website: Click here

That was my day in Arnhem where I was able to see a lot of the city in a short time. If you are in the area of ​​Arnhem once, it is highly recommended to go there.


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